• Charged with a DUI, Impaired driving, Over 80 or refuse to provide a breath sample? Read on to learn more about the penalties and how to defend your charge.

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Caught Behind the Wheel While Driving Impaired? Don’t Wait. We can help.

When you’re caught drinking and driving, the immediate hire of an impaired driving lawyer should not be postponed. Retaining an experienced impaired driving lawyer early in the process will enhance your chances of beating a DUI related charge. When hired early, an experienced impaired driving lawyer may be able to prepare a better defence to the charge.

Your Advantage to Early Hire…

Your advantage to the early hire of an experienced impaired driving lawyer is that your lawyer will have plenty of time to interview potential witnesses and collect relevant information to help prepare your defence. Witnesses may hold key information, and when an experienced impaired driving lawyer is hired early, these witnesses will be contacted early, while memories are still fresh.

The earlier you retain an experienced impaired driving lawyer, the greater amount of time that the lawyer has to work to request all of the relevant disclosure material (evidence) from the Crown. You also have the right to a speedy trial under the Charter. Should this does not occur, your lawyer may be able to win your DUI charge. If you delay in hiring a lawyer at the earliest stage of the proceedings this can detract from your ability to advance a successful argument based on the violation of your right to a speedy trial if the proceedings are delayed.

There’s Still Time…

Michelle Johal is an experienced impaired driving lawyer who handles all types of drinking and driving related cases. She has years of experience in defending DUI related charges and provides vigorous representation to win your case.

When you’ve been charged with impaired driving in Toronto, do NOT plead guilty to the charge, as you will face severe ramifications. An experienced impaired driving lawyer can help. Michelle Johal has a high success rate in the dismissal of impaired driving charges that proceed to a trial. In many cases if the criminal charge cannot be fully dismissed, it can be reduced to a traffic offence.

The Law Office of Michelle Johal

The Law Office of Michelle Johal is conveniently located in Toronto next to a busy criminal courthouse. If you’ve been caught behind the wheel while driving impaired, call the Law Office of Michelle Johal at 416.824.3584.


Michelle Johal obtained her law degree from Queen’s University at Kingston in 2001, a law school renowned for its strong criminal law program. She articled at leading national labour law firm and later joined a boutique criminal law firm located beside the busy Scarborough courthouse as an associate. She remained in this position for a number of years gaining considerable experience in criminal litigation.